Cardboard Monster Planet Attack

I made this for my son. He recently said it's the best thing on his bedroom wall!

It's basically a cut-out and assembled cardboard version of the type of illustration I do. Complete with a 3D surface. It's aprox W40cm x H43cm.

These totally original pieces of art for your child's bedroom wall can be commissioned from me. £150 each. E:

Cardboard Forests

Cut out 3D forest scenes. Lovingly painted and placed inside cardboard packaging, which acts as its own frame.

These hang on the wall and measure 17cm x 11cm.

Commissionable from myself at
Prices depend on size and design... plus how much painting is involved  :-)


Three examples of my KEEP UPBEAT signs.

I attach hanging string to the back so they can be hung on a wall in plain sight to remind you to, well, keep upbeat. Alternatively they look right smart in a swish frame.

They measure aprox W14cm x H20cm and can be commissioned from myself at at a cost of £140 (incl P&P).

DISCARDBOARD > Jan 2014 I took part in this cardboard-art exhibition alongside international artists, at Edinburgh's ForestCentrePlus