Keep Upbeat Postcard

I've tweaked this design (following earlier versions on this blog) with greater sharpness and played with the tone.

Pin the Tail on the Cardboard Thing

Made this fella for my son's birthday party. Blindfolded children were required to pin the tail to his/her/its backside. The legs swing as they are attached with those things that allow a swinging motion. Paint on cardboard like this, applied in such a way that some of the card comes through, is effective. Various features, the nose, the fangs, are raised from the surface by being glued-on-extra-cardboard-shapes.

Face Game

Check out these guys.
Cut out a few face shapes... then facial features galore. Noses, eyes, ears... you know, the kinda things you find on a face. An eyebrow can become a forehead wrinkle. Lips can double as a a haircut. You can then spend some delightful time creating funny faces, laughing at them & trying to to 'create' yourself.

If you love one, why not glue it in place... then even glue a magnet onto it & place it on the fridge?

Please No Junk Mail

Bird Feeder


Cardboard Planet Fridge Magnet

This now sits on our fridge.
About 30cm wide.

Faces of family and friends can be placed inside the 'craters' and peer out at you from outer space into your kitchen!

Commissions welcome.

Cardboard Monster Planet Attack

I made this for my son. He recently said it's the best thing on his bedroom wall!

It's basically a cut-out and assembled cardboard version of the type of illustration I do. Complete with a 3D surface. It's aprox W40cm x H43cm.

These totally original pieces of art for your child's bedroom wall can be commissioned from me. £150 each. E:

Cardboard Forests

Cut out 3D forest scenes. Lovingly painted and placed inside cardboard packaging, which acts as its own frame.

These hang on the wall and measure 17cm x 11cm.

Commissionable from myself at
Prices depend on size and design... plus how much painting is involved  :-)


Three examples of my KEEP UPBEAT signs.

I attach hanging string to the back so they can be hung on a wall in plain sight to remind you to, well, keep upbeat. Alternatively they look right smart in a swish frame.

They measure aprox W14cm x H20cm and can be commissioned from myself at at a cost of £140 (incl P&P).

DISCARDBOARD > Jan 2014 I took part in this cardboard-art exhibition alongside international artists, at Edinburgh's ForestCentrePlus